Take out the furniture and call it a gallery


Sometimes it is impossible to look at a spreadsheet when it is sunny outside. On such a day the only conceivable solution is to ditch work and go on an art hunt. The closest gallery to work is the Courtauld Gallery at Somerset House, so off I went.

Based on the website I assumed that it was a rather large gallery, maybe because of the shear amount of famous impressionist and post impressionist works that they have on display. But when I got there it was all rather tinsy. And although they had some pretty impressive pieces, it looked more like they had just moved the furniture out of a historic house and called it a gallery.

That said, they had some beautiful works by Manet/Monet/Cezanne/Renior and my favorite Van Gogh. It was just that for the £6 entry fee I expected a little more (most of the big art gallery’s in London are free).

If you do go, you can’t miss the Medieval works on the ground floor. Again, not a huge amount, but a really good snapshot of religious works from the time.

The highlight of the day had to be coming out of the gallery and seeing all the children playing in the courtyard fountain at Somerset House. Such a delight to hear the shouts of joy in such a historic and well preserved setting.

Verdict: Somerset House is worth the trip, but head over to the nearby National Gallery for your art fix.


Author: runawaykiwi