Divided – a natural state of being

When you are stuck on a train on a grey Wednesday morning what you really need is an art fix to make it all bearable. Thankfully Christopher Jobson has the answer to my prayers.

He is the creator of Colossal, a visual design blog. So while I stir on this dirty train I can have a wander through my favorite online gallery.

The piece that really caught my eye today was the wooden and light lamps made by Marco Stefanelli pictured above). Each piece looks so perfectly crafted, not only are they visually arresting but they would also look fantastic in my fictional house.

They really remind me of the crack in the concrete at the entrance of the De Young Museum in San Francisco. It’s an instillation piece by Andy Goldsworthy which has a small continuous crack running through the concrete footpath and benches to symbolise the earthquakes which demolished so much of the city.

So maybe that is why I find the wooden lamps so engaging. All New Zealanders (and everyone else living in the ring of fire) are hyper aware of seismic activity, and these lamps show the light that fills in the divide, giving hope for the future.

Maybe a Stefanelli commission is needed to bring some light to the Christchurch rebuild.

Author: runawaykiwi