Stylist 1; Usain Bolt 0


After my post last week applauding the 100 meter finalists for their contributions to art, it looks like Stylist decided to play them at their own game.

Stylist (a free weekly magazine) has taken over hall 6 of the Saatchi Gallery for the week as a live instillation. While in the gallery the team will be going about their normal business putting together an issue – all while being gawked at by art tourists. Not only that, but their exploits can be viewed online in a live webcast.

Stylist scores point over Bolt for many reasons. Firstly, they managed to get me to leave work to spend half an hour watching other people working, which is enough of a mind bend to confuse even the Doctor. Secondly, unlike Bolt, they actually have a purpose:

“to see how their weekly tasks are impacted and moulded by a new space, how those tasks evolve by interacting with visitors to the gallery and ultimately, what changes when a team or workers are watched”

No only that but they are managing to do what so many multinationals fail at, reaching their audience in an authentic way across media channels. No only can I read what they produce next Wednesday but I can interact with them in person, on the web and potentially have my interactions turned into art as well. This my friends, is live art done right (NB its also magazine creation done right)

And they do it in heels. Bazinga.

Here is where the true winner will be revealed, Bolt (or more specifically Ryan Bailey) managed to get an emotional reaction from his live art performance, how can the Stylist team compete? Well, walking into room 6 was like walking into school naked. Although you knew you had every right to be in that room, and that your participation was welcomed, you still felt like you were awkwardly interrupting an incredibly important business meeting. Emotional reaction, tick.

And there we have it kids. When it comes to art Stylist 1; Usain Bolt 0.


Author: runawaykiwi