Oh, and I also looked at some art

I forgot to mention, when I was at the Saatchi Gallery I also looked at some art. I was expecting to be underwhelmed (as is so often the case with this particular gallery) but these works were mildly amusing – judge for yourself below.

The first surprise was The Nora Collection by Cho Duck Hyun. The entire room looked like the portrait gallery of an English stately home. The rich purple wallpaper was in sharp contrast to the normal Saatchi white, and the wedding dresses flowing from the paintings was interesting and fun.

The Nora Collection by Cho Duck Hyun

Next up was Soft Crash by Kim Byoungho, a big spiked structure reminiscent of a pohutukawa flower. It would have normally been just a quick glance piece for me, but then it went ding. The Crash was emitting a gentle ding (or bing depending on your point of view) which made it all rather whimsical and worth standing next to for a time.

Soft Crash by Kim Byoungho

This one only really worked if you were on the move. Bae Joonsung’s The Costume of Painter used lenticular and oil on canvas to create a moving painting. I am not sure if it was the best that could be done with this technique (up close it was quite rough and obvious), but still something I had not come across before.

The Costume of Painter by Bae Joonsung

And finally Richard Wilson’s 20:50, I never go to the Saatchi without stopping to look at the room half filled with oil. It creates a perfect reflection and makes the room look endless. Sometimes the most simple ideas can be the best ones.

20:50 by Richard Wilson

Author: runawaykiwi