Why cupcakes make you feel special

Peanut butter cupcake

In the latest Harpers Bazaar, editor Jennifer Dickinson talked about the emotional connection that we have with bags and shoes. As she described of her first major shoe purchase:

 “I needed soothing; I needed to feel my heart pumping;

I needed something to remind me that there was beauty in the world”

A better explanation could not be found. And I think we have the same connection with cupcakes.

1} unlike a slice of cake, this sweet wee thing has been made just for your pleasure – translation: you are special

2} cupcakes are visually soft and pretty – translation: there is beauty in the world

3} they are decadent, like Marie Antoinette (the good years) decadent – translation: you are carefree 

And thankfully, cupcakes are a lot cheaper than the world of bags and shoes. Thanks to Beas of Bloomsbury for perking up my day with the peanut butter and chocolate cupcake in the photo above.

Author: runawaykiwi