Zoe & Morgan – the cutting edge of awesome

My favorite jewellery designers all have one thing in common, their pieces would not look out of place if Poirot was announcing the name of a murderer. Zoe and Morgan are at the centre of this clique, their jewellery would be considered cool in the 1820’s, remain cool in the 1920’s and will still be cool in 2020.

So when it came to their newest pieces, I knew that I would fall for them like a girl falling for a boy with a glow stick at a blue light disco. Here are a few of my favorites.

First up is the Peace Force Necklace which looks to be that special combo of light and big. Which means that you can wear it without giving yourself a neck injury – always a good thing. And it’s great that Zoe and Morgan found something different to do with a peace sign.

These Spike Burst studs are punky enough to wear in Camden but dainty enough to wear to a family gathering at Christmas. I love a stud that will compliment an outfit without defining it.

And a star ring. Because sometimes, we need to be reminded.

Author: runawaykiwi