Superette gets 100 gold internet points

Superette Store

I am slightly obsessed with the internet.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs – I love them all.

Often when companies try to use my beloved internet as a marketing tool they royally mess it up. Their campaigns are disingenuous, suffer from technical failures or are just plain lame. Which is why my heart sings when I see it done right. Hence the 100 gold internet points (not remediable for anything) that I have awarded to the Superette team.

If you are friends with Superette Store on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter you will know what I mean when I say they are doing it right.

– They post/tweet regularly so there is always something new to see.

– The posts are not just about what they are selling, we have updates on what they are eating for lunch/drinking for dinner/styling tips/pictures of Ryan Gosling/puppies etc. Rather than just screaming ‘buy buy buy’ at their followers, the team are successfully creating a culture of Superette.

– The posts give a behind the scenes look at Superette. We hear about the latest clothes that have come in, what the team is excited about and what they are working hard on. It makes you feel like you are reading the posts of a best friend, not a company.

So, because I feel like I am BFF with the Superette Team, I hearby award them 100 gold internet points. Superette Team, go buy yourself a drink and celebrate. Or buy a puppy. Or buy Ryan Gosling.

Love you


Author: runawaykiwi