Smells like Pre-Raphaelite Spirit

The Tate Modern has a new Pre-Raphaelite exhibition, and for one night only they are running a multisensory tour. That’s right, its a scratch and sniff art tour.

I know I have previously raved about the Sounds of the Gallery, but I’m not sure how smells would change the art experience. The smells would have to be quite complex to make that much of a perceptual difference, otherwise it is like listening to one note and hoping for a miracle. Looking at the painting above while smelling an orange would have less impact then if you were looking while drinking a complex chardonnay.

If it works, how far would you be able to push it? Could art galleries be the new hot restaurant location? I’m sure that if you gave Heston Blumenthal half a chance he would create a pre-raphaelite degustation in a heartbeat. Each plate built around a different painting perhaps?

Unfortunately I am going to be out of the country for this one, but to make up for it I am going to watch The Darjeeling Limited while eating a curry- same thing right?

Author: runawaykiwi