Mr Brainwash

I want to introduce you to Mr Brainwash. He was featured in Exit Through the Gift Shop, the film by Banksy. So unsurprisingly his art is very much Banksy-esque. He likes spray-paint, Mickey Mouse and he has an exhibition (due to close this week) in the Old Sorting Office in Holborn.

I don’t really know if I consider some of his work art, but I do know that the exhibition was pure joy to walk around. Beautifully curated, it was a momentary urban escape with cavernous spaces, smooth jazz playing and surprises round every corner.

And surprises there were a plenty – a GIANT paintbrush wielding gorilla, Posh & Becks in a pastoral scene, the Queen as a graffiti artist, a mornful John and Yoko, an angelic spray can and a Van Gogh wearing aviators – we all know how much I love me some Van Gogh.

You have to admire an artist that can work across so many mediums, and do it all with a sense of humour.

You also have to admire the fact that not only was the exhibition free, but they gave everyone a free poster and a free Mr Brainwash can of spray paint. Now all I need to do is find a wall in London that is not already covered in graffiti and create some art of my own.

Mr Brainwash Spray Can

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