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Cock and Bull Damien Hirst Tramshead

I must apologise, because this blog mentions Damien Hirst far too often. But what can I do when I go to a restaurant and there happens to be a Hirst on a plinth 4 meters above the diners?

This art confrontation occurred at the Tramshed in Shoreditch. As well as an art plinth, the Tramshed also features a very extensive menu – you can choose between chicken and steak. Which explains the art, Cock and Bull by Damien Hirst – a preserved Hereford cow and cockerel preserved in formaldehyde.

Get it? You can order cow or chicken. And the art is a cow and a chicken. Classic right?

But you have to commend the Tramshed for having a go at an ironic piece of shock art. And the food was amazing. Plus, if you turn your back to the Cock and Bull you can almost imagine that there isn’t a Damien Hirst in the room.

Author: runawaykiwi