Battle Hymn of the runawaykiwi

Time Magazine

I recently read Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua. Its the story of how Amy, a Chinese tiger mum, raised her two super-children. The book has a bit of a bad reputation in the States, because it was thought that her methods were cruel. I don’t judge – read and draw your own conclusions.

Besides being a good read (seriously, read it) what this book really drove home to me was the importance of standing by your convictions. There is no one right way for anything.

Just like Amy the Tiger Mum had rules such as no sleepovers and no TV when it comes to raising children, this runawaykiwi has her own rules when it comes to work. Now, obviously these are job rules that I follow when I can – don’t turn down a job in a recession and all that. But for better or worse here they are:

– Don’t let a job become your life, unless it can fulfil your creative and social needs as well as your financial

– Its ok & important to feel excited to go to work each day, if not all the time then at least occasionally

– You have to work somewhere where you see a future

– Never work somewhere with questionable morals

Take a moment and think of your own list. It may not be for work or children, but we all have unbreakable rules & it is important to recognise.

Author: runawaykiwi