Jewellery for everyone

This runawaykiwi lives in London, but I know many of you lovely readers are further afield. So this post is jewellery that any of you can access through the magic of ASOS.

First up are these spiky lion door knocker earrings for £6. They look like they would make a great statement with that little black dress, and are a nice change from the studs which seem to be everywhere this season.

Because runawaykiwi’s are always wishing for something more, the Dogeared Gold Teeney Wishbone Necklace seems appropriate. Its the ideal size for everyday wear and has a nice sense of whimsy.

We are going to finish up this gold-fest with some freaking cool rings. The Roman inspired Laura Lee Face Coin Ring takes me right back to 6th form Classics class, but I’m sure wearing it would be more Colosseum than classrooms. Then we have the Disney Couture Cinderella Ring which at £12 is as close to the Princess lifestyle as I am going to get. Next is the ASOS Cat Face ring – because I really like cats. And finally the Kyle Hopkins Jack And Fran Ring, a delicate little thing with a man and woman on a bicycle – I wonder where they are going?

All of which have free shipping.


Author: runawaykiwi