The Great Experiment – Part 1

My lovely flatmate is a scientist, she works in a lab and everything. I mean, when we watched Contagion she could actually understand what the good guys were talking about. And I live with her, which means I am fully qualified to undertake science experiments.

Time for the great Whittakers Hokey Pokey mini slabs versus Green and Blacks Butterscotch bar experiment*.

Part 1 – Where runawaykiwi attempts to coexist with chocolate.

Hypothesis: After purchasing chocolate, runawaykiwi will be able to put both bars in a cupboard until her flatmate returns from holiday at which point the second experiment will be undertaken.

Method: Purchase Green and Blacks bar from closest supermarket, and collect Whittakers mini slabs from the fantastic parents who bought them over from Kiwi Land. Wait for flatmate to return from holiday in America – she is needed because she knows about science and can be relied on to supervise the experiments and maintain high scientific standards. Both bar and slab were placed in cupboard awaiting Part 2 of the Great Experiment.

Results: Both bars were eaten within a day.

Conclusion: The weather in London is pants, and after walking home in in the rain there was really only one logical conclusion. The implications of this conclusion is that the second experiment was expedited.

*Regardless of what this looks like, this is cold hard science and is NOT just an excuse to eat chocolate.

Author: runawaykiwi