Lessons from the Queen of Versailles


If you are feeling guilty about your finances go and see The Queen of Versailles. Trust me, you can’t feel bad about how much you spend on coffee once you have seen the fiasco that is the Siegel family.

The documentary is in cinemas now. It follows the billionaire couple David and Jackie Siegel as they build the biggest house in America, modelled after Versailles. That was the plan anyway, when the GFC hit the house was only half built and was mortgaged to the hilt.

It was a surprisingly honest documentary, there were no hidden moments and nothing was hushed up for the camera. You got to see David as a god hiring thousands at the beginning, and by the end he was a deluded old man avoiding his family in a room filled with junk.

You often think that if only you had a pay rise life would be better. But after seeing The Queen of Versailles it is quite certain that money does not bring you good relationships, beauty, cleanliness, fashion sense, happiness, fulfilment or well behaved children.

As see at the stunning Curzon cinema in Mayfair

Author: runawaykiwi