Our Boys


Top tip: if you are living in London and want to see more theatre, go to www.lastminute.com and get one of their £10 tickets. Yes you will be sitting just below the ceiling, but a show from above is better than no show at all.

With one of these tickets I went off to see Our Boys. I picked this play because it has Rory from Doctor Who in it, and I thought it was about World War two (actually about British solders in the 1980’s).

When I arrived at the theatre, they had no record of my ticket. I thought it was going to be a bit of a drama, but not only did they instantly apologise for the mix up, they found me an amazing seat four rows from the front for no extra cost. Good work.

The play itself was hilarious. Particularly one scene where the soldiers (who are all recovering in an army hospital) sneak beer onto the ward and play Russian roulette with shaken up cans. You know a play is funny when the actors can’t control their laughter.

The actors were incredible. They managed to make laddish behaviour, frustration, desperation and tender moments seem effortless. Combined with a sweet little story full of intrigue and plot twists, it made for a fantastic night out.

The play also starred Neville Longbottom from Harry Potter – as a soldier who has just been circumcised but was looking for love. Where else in the world can you see Rory and Neville having a beer and wanking on a Saturday night. One of the many reasons to love London.

Author: runawaykiwi