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I was searching for a new London thing. It needed to have new people, be vaguely intellectual and not cost the earth. Enter Curzon book club, stage left.

Curzon, a chain of movie theatres in London, runs a book club which only reads books that have been adapted into movies. But it’s not your average, this is a social media book club. Apart from one meeting (not compulsory) all the book discussion takes place on twitter/facebook. This means that you can discuss/comment as you are reading, and it’s not a massive time commitment.

The twitter aspect also avoids that awkward meeting moment where you are the only one who has not read the book. You are essentially ‘live’ book clubbing, if you read a beautiful sentence, you can tell your club about it there and then.

The best part – the book is free. Curzon has a deal with the publishers, so everyone gets sent their own copy of the book for nothing not even a joining fee. The only costs involved is a glass of wine at the meeting and the eventual movie ticket.

And it was a chance to meet a cool group of Londonites.

Downside – we are reading On the Road and I’m not feeling it. Love the sense of travel desperation but I have no feeling for the characters. I have only just finished part one, hopefully part two makes me like the characters a little more.

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4 thoughts on “@CurzonBookClub the new way to read

  1. Really enjoyed reading the blog. Have finished the book and thoroughly enjoyed revisiting ‘the road’. It was a book that defined the whole sense of adventure of self discovery and rites of passge that my peers felt. Working their summers after leaving school to travel the world and discover themselves…. here’s a great link youtu.be/PPxa7XhvZKk

  2. Hi I would like to join this book club do you know the best way/ who to contact to join? Thanks Louise from Auckland!!

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