Lessons from the London Underground

London is the exception to many rules – one of them being politeness. As an example, imagine the following situation which I witnessed on the Northern Line during rush hour last week. I am using the lovely gentlemen above to illustrate my example.

You arrive at Balham station and the doors open. Standing on the platform, waiting to embark, are the Beatles. You wait for a few seconds, expecting them to move so you can get off the tube and go home. In the background the controller is screaming into the microphone “please allow passengers to disembark before boarding the train”. They don’t move.

The only option left is for you to barge between John and Paul when you step off the train. This knocks both of them a little off balance.

Paul turns round and swears at you at the top of his voice (in reality Paul was female), calling you a rude &*%$ for pushing him.

In the normal world, pushing past someone is rude in the extreme. But the London exception states that if you have only a limited amount of time to get off a train, and the stupid people on the platform wont let you pass, pushing is the only option.

People in glass public transport shouldn’t throw stones.

Author: runawaykiwi

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  1. I thought it only happens in Manila, the pushing and shoving of people disembarking vs boarding. Nicely warped Fab Four photo.

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