A lesson on faith from the London Underground


Please note: Each carriage on the London Underground has an electronic message board. It has a scrolling message telling you the next station the train will stop at, as well as letting you know where the train terminates. It is normally very accurate.

Going north on the Northern Line last Sunday, the electronic sign was having a bit of a moment. It was not updating the next station information – it told us the next station was Clapham Common until we reached Kennington. It was also saying that the train was terminating at Mordon (the other direction). The majority of people could see through the windows the train was heading in the right direction, but not so for the following couple* who gave me a delightful lesson in faith.

Brad: the sign says that the train terminates at Mordon

Angelina: oh no, we want to go to Bank

Brad: it’s ok, we can get off at the next stop and get the right train

Angelina: it’s weird, because it looks like we are heading north, but the sign says that we are going South

Brad: I know, but the sign wouldn’t be wrong.

And Brad and Angelina get off at the next station.

What does this teach us about faith? That it is still possible to believe in a higher power (in this case Transport for London) in 2012. Yes on this occasion it lead them wrong and no doubt delayed their journey, but it is still nice to see.

* names have been replaced for legal reasons

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