Designing our way from A to B


If you ever come to London, you have to visit the London Transport Museum. It’s not just for train-spotters in raincoats, its also for runawaykiwis in raincoats.

Public transport in London is woven into the cultural fabric of the city. The tube hid families during the blitz, the route master buses became an international symbol of London on the move, it dictates how late you stay out and where you live, it is a topic of conversation (just not while you are actually on it), it broke down class restrictions by forcing you all to smell each others armpits and it gets me to work each day.

The London Transport museum celebrates all of this – the mechanical, historical, social, design, technological and statistical.

And they have a new map exhibition ‘Mind the Map’, which looks at how the tube map was created and art that has been made from it. My favourite has to be the typography poster by Tim Fishlock (above). He created the entire alphabet from the curves of the tube map – the perfect typeface for a city on the move.

Author: runawaykiwi