Pain and anguish in Paris – maybe it is time to return to London

My second day in virtual Paris started with a flat white from Foxcroft and Ginger – when else can you have a kiwi coffee in a London cafe while taking in a French art gallery.

Hyped on coffee I decided to go to the Louvre to see my favourite painting, the Raft of Medusa. First of all you need to know the story it depicts.

“1816, the frigate “Medusa” sank because of the incompetence of a captain who had obtained his post through political relations. Due to a shortage of lifeboats, 149 people piled onto a raft that drifted for twelve days. Only fifteen survived the ensuing slaughter, madness, and cannibalism.”

The Romantic style of the painting captures the drama so perfectly. The light, the dark, the pain, the desperation. I can only imagine what would happen if this style of painting was still used – just think about the art that would be created as a response to our current multitude of crisis and political mistakes.

In real life, the scale of the painting always manages to transport me to another world. On this virtual trip it was an entirely different experience. Without the grand scale to capture me, I instead focussed on the endless details. Seeing like never before the emotion in every bone of their being.

With a heart so full of sadness, I must return to London. And let this rich flat white bring me back to reality.

Author: runawaykiwi