Motivation Monday – the Red magazine edition

Recently when I was on holiday with my parents, my Mum kept looking over at me and frowning. I naturally assumed that it was my turn to buy the sangria, and was about to muster the energy to do so when she exclaimed “I think this magazine is written directly for you”.

And thus I was introduced to Red magazine.

Finally a magazine which does not treat me like a stick thin billionaire housewife with a beige outlook on life for whom Botox and Brangelina are as important as breathing.

Red talks abut friendship, strength and passion. It gives me hope that there are other women out there who think like me.

Red goes beyond just print (or pixels in the case of my iPad), it has built a community. There are networking events, a constant stream of tweets and blogs, and even where you can buy all those things you dream about.

So thank you thank you thank you to the Red team for treating me like an intelligent woman who just happens to like handbags.

P.s. for those who are wondering, the articles which made my Mum think of me were – women who enjoy hanging out by themselves, women who have made ‘plan B’ career changes because they figured out it just wasn’t making them happy, entrepreneurs starting a jewellery business and a collection of awesome recipes.

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