WARNING – these cupcakes are diseased

Some of my friends are a bit strange, in a very excellent way. So when I get a Facebook message telling me to go and get a cupcake that looks like an STD, the only possible answer is ‘ok’.

It turns out  boils, scabs, warts & genital discharge in a cupcake are very, very off-putting. I just could not bring myself to buy them. While I appreciate the Halloween spirit and the STD awareness, the thought of chowing down on the gory cupcakes pictured below made me shudder. So, instead of actually eating them here is a picture of the cupcakes and some other amazing anatomical treats.

How about prostate cancer truffles?

Or an infected eyeball cake?

The vertebrae were a little more appealing.

I think I need these toe cookies for my next afternoon tea…

And finally, everyone needs a marshmallow hand.

Happy Halloween!

Author: runawaykiwi