Victoria van Gogh, Wendy Kandinsky and Rebecca Rauschenberg – the gallery trying to change gender history

Seattle Art Museum has gone gender bonkers. For the rest of the year, the gallery will not be displaying any work by contemporary male artists. In their place will be art made by those of a female persuasion in an exhibition called ‘Women take Over’.

I just don’t get it. I understand what they are trying to do – highlight the female viewpoint and give display space to a male dominated art world. This just does not feel like the right answer.

I don’t like they they have replaced male art with female – it makes it too much like an aggressive hairy feminist stance. Stamping out the male in its entirety. If they really wanted to redress the balance it would not be through a temporary exhibition, they would genuinely be adding art to their collection based on aesthetics not genitals.

Show the female art in a separate space (like that of a normal temporary exhibition) and then maybe keep some of it on the walls longer than four months. Or even use it as a comparison between male and female art of the same era. Don’t just take a dip in the gender pool as a marketing ploy.

Author: runawaykiwi