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Silver by runawaykiwi


For eagle eyed readers, you will have noticed a new ‘shop’ link at the top of the page…the runawaykiwi empire has begun.

Full details of the three pendants can be found at the shop, but in brief:

St Christopher – a modern take on the classic, the shield shape and line representing the river hark back to the traditional pendant, perfect for anyone about to embark on a big adventure

Cloud – this one is a little more obvious, a simple shape with a brushed finish

Heart – home really is where the heart is, and this is a little reminder that you can carry with you

They all come on an 18″ sterling silver chain, and can also be bought on a sterling silver figaro bracelet.

You can either order through my Etsy page, or email me at runawaykiwi@gmail.com

And yes, I am BEYOND excited


1 Comment

  1. Anna
    November 20, 2012 / 2:11 am

    Love your designs super excited for you cousie bro!