Motivation Monday – the shameless self promotion edition

Home is where the heart is Cloud

Top ten reasons why you should buy one of these delightful pendants:

1. You love travel and jewellery

2. Your best friend/sister/daughter/local MP/mother/wife/girlfriend loves travel and jewellery

3. Because small enterprises are the only way to get the economy out of recession

4. They are made from sterling silver so you will treasure it forever

5. Christmas is coming and it is time to panic buy

6. They come in packaging made from maps, very useful if you are planning a trip to the UK

7. Its not just a pendant, it is showing how much you care

8. It is midnight, you are on the internet and you have just been paid

9. They were designed on the steps of St Pauls

10. Because it will make my day


Get in quick if you want it to arrive in time for Christmas! Email me at to order.


Author: runawaykiwi