4   86
2   81
5   123
3   51
4   131
5   53
0   38
7   85
11   48
2   58

Things that I did in the Rain Room queue

1. Wondered why the Barbican had not used tickets with an allocated time

2. Responded to two runawaykiwi orders

3. Wrote two blog posts (totally pushing through the fourth wall there)

4. Caught an octopus, swordfish and shark in Ninja Fishing

5. Listened to the couple next to me talking about how the dystopian society in which we live will undoubtedly lead to increases in necrophilia

6. Wondered why the Barbican had not used tickets with an allocated time

7. Created a business plan for a selling coffee to queues at the Rain Room

8. Created business plan for runawaykiwi world domination

9. Debated if I should walk home in the rain to save the £1.35 bus fare (I chose the rain)

10. Shopped online at the Body Shop – the new number 13 lipstick is beautiful

11. Watched Fresh Meat on BBC iPlayer

12. Ranked my favourite Modern Family characters (Phil, Cam, Claire)

13. Wondered why the Barbican had not used tickets with an allocated time

14. Created a list of things that I had done while I was in the Rain Room queue

* Ok, that picture isn’t actually from the Rain Room – it was when I was at the Shanghai Expo a couple of years ago. But the line seriously felt this long.


  1. February 12, 2013 / 3:08 pm

    Your post was hysterically funny – you are adorable! I tried to see it last Friday night …. Pulled up at 6.30 pm, waltzed in, assuming that i was out-foxing the rest of London (who would go to a museum on a friday night? we’d have a short wait, a lovely visit of about 40 minites, and then still get to our dinner reservation on time.) I went to the front of what was a rather large assembly of people, oddly, all sitting on the floor, to speak to an official-looking person who explained that the insallation was closed for the night. He looked at me as though i were crazed and said that i should have gotten there earlier. Too funny. I still want to see it … Would your trick of showing up on a Monday morning, even earlier, work?

    • February 12, 2013 / 11:48 pm

      Aww thanks! I think your best bet is to go half an hour before it opens – but you will still end up waiting for ages so don’t have any plans! Biggest tip I can give you is to go with a friend, that way one can go and get the coffees while the other is waiting 🙂

      Essentially make the line part of the fun, because the rain bit itself only takes 15min!

      Good luck 😉