And finally, it rains.


So I finally went to the Rain Room at the Barbican. Or more specifically, I finally waited for two hours in the queue to see the Rain Room. Before you get all high and mighty and say ‘you should have just gone earlier’, that was the line when I arrived half an hour before opening on a Monday morning. Side Note: the biggest benefit of being skint and having no money for holidays means that I have oodles of annual leave to use up on Monday morning art trips.

First up, the Rain Room is an amazing bit of technology. As you walk through the pouring rain some tricky computer sensor stops the rain above you. Well, that is the theory anyway. When I walked through (very very slowly) I still got a fair few drops, which slightly ruined the effect.

While it was cool to hear the roaring rain right next to you, it was seriously lacking in atmosphere. The photo above is essentially all you get. A dimply lit room with concrete walls and the rain. For me it was missing the magic that a downpour like this should invoke. There should have been laughter and smiled bubbling up inside me – after all, I was controlling the weather with my presence.

I’m not saying it is bad, or trying to discourage you from going. But after standing in a line for two hours, getting a bit damp in a dark room wasn’t enough to make me smile.

Author: runawaykiwi