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Motivation Monday – the cool things from Pinterest edition

I heart Pinterest. It is one of the best ways to find new recipes, craft ideas and handbags that I can’t afford.

So for this Motivation Monday, I thought I would bring you five of my favourite pins.

1. Anything from The Beauty Department – they have some of the best make-up and hair tips & they use lots of picture and cute typography

Lash Curling

2. The Smart Wallet – beautiful colours, classic style and holds everything you would ever want

3. The Super Mario light – it really works, just tap the bottom and the light turns on/you get one life


4. Ice blocks and champagne – not one for your expensive plonk, but could be a great start to a summer garden party


Or for the more refined (less diluting)

5.  And because it wouldn’t be Pinterest without an inspirational poster – Shine on