I am not going to be negative about the Turner Prize – not even a little bit

We all know that the entries in the Turner Prize can be a little out there. I refuse to jump on the band wagon and be negative about the works that I didn’t like – there is a huge chance that I just don’t know enough to understand it and I would just end up looking like a nob.

Therefore I am just going to tell you about the one artist that I liked. See, problem solved.

Introducing Paul Noble. He does large scale pencil drawings that are architectural daydreams. They are half fantasy and half plausible building plans. I love this type of art, it seams so simple and authentic. Although, I think even ‘normal’ building plans have a special something (yes I am a Grand Designs junkie).

If you get the chance go and see Nobles work in real life, the shear scale of these drawings need to be seen. They will transport you some place nice.

Author: runawaykiwi