Proud to be a kiwi


I don’t really follow sports (despite coordinating the fantasy football team at work), so it didn’t register that the All Blacks lost against England a couple of weeks ago. But some Kiwi’s were so distraught that they took it out on the All Bar One in Moorgate. They were rude, destructive and left the staff in tears. For a while, anyone wearing an All Blacks jersey was banned from the bar.

Thankfully Clint, the brain behind Kiwis in London, decided to do something about it. He organised a team of Kiwis to go down to the bar the following Saturday and fix our damaged reputation. They took along Kiwi treats and gifts to sweeten the deal – including a runawaykiwi Home is where the heart is pendant.

I am very proud of being a Kiwi and I like to think we have a pretty good reputation (even if there are all too many hobbit jokes right now). So many many thanks to Clint for organising and making it ok to be a Kiwi once more.

Check out the full news story (and runawaykiwi on an envelope) here:

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