The inevitable post about carrots


For those of you who watch QI, you will know that carrots were not always orange. They were bred to be orange by some fancy pants dude in the Netherlands to honour royalty*.

I have known this for a while, and although I eat a carrot every day for lunch I have never seen any other variety. That was until my trip to Borough Market at the weekend, where ta da! there they were.

Now on the internet for all to see, the original rainbow carrots.

*this may be a myth, but for the purpose of this blog it will have to do

Author: runawaykiwi

5 thoughts on “The inevitable post about carrots

  1. Purple and white carrots? wow…that’s something I’ve never known before. Why they don’t have these breds in my area? Are they tasted any different than the regular orange carrots?

  2. Did you try some? I have seen the purple ones but never tried cooking them, I wonder if they taste the same?

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