The day I went to Cardiff and helped free Doctor Who from the Pandorica 2

If you are not a Science Fiction dork you may want to look away now, because this is about to get timey-wimey. I love Doctor Who, to the extent that I once made a ring inscribed with “I heart heart Matt Smith” (get it? It’s because he has two hearts).

Matt Smith ring

I have been planning a pilgrimage to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff since before this blog was born. Only problem is that it is in Cardiff and hotels are pricey. Bring on a day trip to Cardiff.

Five hours in a train for five hours in Cardiff? Totally rational.

The Dr Who experience was everything I dreamed and more. It is divided into two parts. First up is the guided walk through, followed by the exhibition of props costumes and sets. I was expecting to hate the guided walk (generally this type of thing is tedious and aimed at children and noobs) and love the rest. By god was I wrong, yes I did love the exhibition but I went completely round the twist for the guided walk.

You start on Starship UK – in a museum of curiosities (i.e. artefacts from the Doctors adventures). All of a sudden the screen is taken over by the Doctor himself – he has been trapped in Pandorica 2 and is looking for help to get him out. The Tardis then materialises and you walk through those blue doors and into the belly of the beast. That’s right, you walk right into the Tardis.

I’m not going to spoil the magic for anyone who is going to visit – but let’s just say that I got to fly the Tardis, come face to face with a walking talking Dalek and run through a forest full of Weeping Angels.

Let me tell you, even when I knew that the Dalek was a robot who preformed the same routine every ten minutes – it was still terrifying.

I completely put aside any feelings of being a grown-up and got wrapped up in the Sci-fi magic. I think you could probably go through bring cynical and underwhelmed, but if you do I no longer want to be your friend.

And the exhibition was great too. All the costumes you could think of and full scale sets of the Tardis, Silence ship and evil snow globe from the Christmas special. Plus cool props like Melody Ponds baby crib and the monster spotting device from the Van Gogh episode.

If you are a Doctor Who fan, you just have to go.


Doctor Who Experience Cardiff


Weeping Angels

The Silence


Doctor Who Cardiff Design

Author: runawaykiwi