GBK the ultimate Kiwi export


If you have been to the UK, you will undoubtedly have walked past a GBK (Gourmet Burger Kitchen). I have walked past the one near my work a few times, but it wasn’t until my day trip to Cardiff that I actually ate at one.

As I looked at the menu, something triggered my spidey senses. There was L&P on the menu.

There were two possible options:

A) Cardiff was actually a New Zealand colony (which would explain all the sheep hanging around)
B) GBK was owned by kiwis

After chatting to the owner I got the answer. GBK was founded by three kiwis in 2001. I found it incredible that we aren’t shouting about this back home – a successful chain in top UK locations? Potentially our most unsung kiwi export.

The other fun fact about GBK is that the entire All Blacks team has VIP cards, which means they can eat at any of the GBK restaurants FOR FREE. I can only imagine the amounts that All Blacks can consume – so it amounts to a very brave move by the founders.

Just imagine how many burgers were eaten when they played in Cardiff last year and ate the the same GBK three nights running…

Author: runawaykiwi