Oops – Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle

With a couple of hours before my train I had two options, visiting the Cardiff Art Gallery or going to Cardiff Castle. Like an absolute rookie I chose the castle.

Quite honestly I just was not in the mood. I was full of the cold and on a post Doctor Who come down – and to add to the disenchantment the castle is largely outside and it was raining.

So overall not the best of visits.

**UPDATE** Turns out I could have used my National Art Pass and got in for free, so not only did I have a disappointing time but I effectively burned £11 in doing so.

But at least they had some fantastic ceilings in the bedrooms.


Oh and before I forget, this is the visitors note I found in the army museum within the castle. I seriously hope they are joking, either that or it must be a very unhappy/one-sided/militaristic relationship.

Cardiff Castle

Author: runawaykiwi