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Motivation Monday – the healthy banana ice-cream edition

One of the first steps of my Happiness Project is no sugar. It is killing me softly.

To try and trick my brain into thinking it was fine and dandy I decided to make banana ice-cream. Healthy and delicious.

If you have not heard of this trick, you can thank me with cash and Amazon vouchers.

Take a banana or two and put them in the freezer. Wait until they are rock solid. Take the skin off and throw it/them in a blender. At first it will just bash them up, but as the blender starts to warm them it will turn into the creamiest ice-cream. Just from bananas. For reals.

The internet tells me that I can also add honey, walnuts, nutella and other goodness. But (referring to the earlier mention of no sugar) I just went for the plain banana.

P.s. this is fantastic for bananas that are going brown – reduce food waste, reduce your waistline and a tasty snack all in one.

Banana Ice Cream


Banana Ice Cream


Banana Ice Cream


Banana Ice Cream


  1. Alexandra
    January 15, 2013 / 1:32 am