The ultimate London fashion survival secret

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This secret is not glamorous. It can’t even be called cool. But it is vital to your survival if you are living in London (and I assume any other big city).

When I walk outside in London I start crying. Not because I live in such an amazing city, but because it is windy and polluted and full of cigarette particles. As soon as any of this gets in my eyes I cry like a baby. This results in far too many strangers coming up to me to ask if I am ok*.

The solution costs under £2 and makes you look like a nut case – but trust me, it works.

You need these:

I went for the leopard print, but I will let you make your own choice.

Wear them while on your above and below ground daily commute and your mascara will stay in place. Probably good for your eye health in the long run as well.

*Not joking on this one, London is a surprisingly friendly and concerned place

Author: runawaykiwi