Reading is for cool kids

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Time to get serious my ducks. Reading is a good thing. Reading when the books are cheap is an excellent thing. Reading when the books are cheap and it doesn’t matter if you leave it at home is sublime.

I love my Kindle because it means that I can take advantage of Amazons super cheap weekly deals – every week they have a range of titles for under £2. But since I am a snail that takes my entire life with me on my commute to work, I don’t always have space to fit my Kindle in.

Thank the friendly woodland spirits for the invention of the iPhone. My Kindle and iPhone talk to each other*, so that I always start just where I left off regardless of which device I am using – perfect for those moments of armpit travel on the tube.

So here are some books that I have read recently that were not a waste of money – I can’t attest for them being good, but they are readable and great value for money.


*yes I am utterly terrified that my devices are talking about me behind my back – but if they evolve enough to find me a boyfriend I will be ok with it.

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  1. Kindle books are amazing, of the last dozen books that I’ve read I’d say I got 9 of them for free! The day textbooks all go digital is the day the classic school backpack becomes practically obsolete.

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