Making light of the rain

I saw this post on Colossal, and I instantly thought of the Rain Room. They are both along the same installation art lines, and (I think) aim to create a similar reaction for the viewer.

But for some reason I think the light installation is so much more successful  Maybe it is because it forces the imagination in a way that the Rain Room didn’t. Let me clarify – the Rain Room is cool because it is rain inside and you (kind of) don’t get wet, but there is no space to throw your mind, it just is what it says on the tin.

Whereas with the lights it has the same visual impact and ‘cool’ factor as the Rain Room, but it is a verifiable imaginarium. The lights could be stars, rain, snow, a busy city scape, neurons, friends, emotions or candy.

And lights are pretty.

Author: runawaykiwi