Motivation Monday – the Facebook knows your heart edition

Gingerbread man

I decided to clean up my online presence and delete some old Facebook albums. In the process I realised that Facebook actually knows what you should be doing with your life.

I have been on Facebook since the end of high school – so that is a good few years of adventures that I sorted through (i.e. get lost in for a few hours).

The images that made me the happiest weren’t those at parties or even travel photos – my highlights were all crafty/arty. Nothing great and profound, just little bits of silliness like the gingerbread man above.

It made me feel a lot more settled in my choices for this year. No big trips planned, no crazy adventures. Just haunting London art galleries and creating little things that make me happy. Oh, and writing my blog.

I highly recommend that you undertake your own Facebook exploration – which parts of the last few years made you smile the most?

Author: runawaykiwi

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