The Happiness Project 2: Creativity

Hey team, time for my second Happiness Project update and this time my focus was on creativity. I have always liked painting but have had no opportunity for it since I moved to London.

Previously I have done large scale abstracts in acrylic – there is no better way to express yourself then throwing paint on a canvas in your backyard. But for reasons of space, mess and economy that isn’t an option while flatting in London. I don’t have the patience for serious acrylic or oil painting so I decided to give small scale watercolour a go.

With a budget of £20 off I went to an art shop – for that I got two paint brushes, 8 tubes of colour (sample below) and one pad of postcard paper. This last item was crucial because it stopped me treating my art as precious. This Project was about spending mindful time making art, not about spending hours worrying about perfection. And with postcard paper it means that I can send them to friends across the globe, the double rainbow of Happiness.

A sample of my paintings are below. None are original ideas (that would be asking for WAY too much), instead I started a watercolour board on Pinterest. If you want to compare and contrast with the originals check out the board here.

In terms of Happiness this was a 110% success. I love the mindfulness principles that this activity encourages, and because watercolours are such a simple set up I can easily play for an hour or so after work. I have since purchased more paper so that I can keep going – I feel like this is the piece of the puzzle that I didn’t know was missing.


My eight colours:

Watercolour colour samples

The back of the watercolour postcards:

Watercolour Postcards

Yes, I still consider Pluto to be a planet:




You can tell I am still on the ‘no sugar’ mission:


I want to try more birds as this one just isn’t fluffy enough for me:


My favourite watercolours are all abstract, but when I try it it just looks like ass:


Author: runawaykiwi