DK = the answer to Gen Y’s prayers


DK has a new range of books out called ‘A little course in…’ and they are just what Generation Y has been looking for. For us kids there is no time to learn everything, but we also want to be experts. So what are we to do?

The DK books solve the problem. The ‘A little course in…’ books cover Baking, Preserving, Yoga, Pilates, Growing Vegetables, Wine Tasting, Sewing and Knitting. I purchased three (Baking, Preserving and Growing Vege) because they also come in digital editions for a mini mini £1 each.

Why the baking one I hear you say? Because no matter how many things I bake there is always the chance of miserable failure. After the amount of baking I have done, I largely put this down to the recipes.

I have attempted the Pinterest track, whereby you pin everything under the sun and then go hell for leather and MAKE ALL THE THINGS. Problem is that some of the recipes are just crap and the bloggers never actually tested them, or they are from America and don’t use any sort of same ingredients (FYI combining cake mix and pumpkin from a can does not mean you have baked a cake from scratch).

Normal recipe books aren’t much help either. Unless you bake one chefs recipes all the time and get used to their peculiarities (as an example, find a plain white bread recipe from each of the major celebrity chefs and see how much variation there is).

Whereas ‘A little course in Baking‘ has sensible step by step instructions, combined with pictures of what it should be looking like at each stage, and then goes on to give you other things you can make with the same method. And to stop us feeling like idiots  the books contain science pages to explain why it works. No only that but the Baking book actually contains a freakish amount of recipes – bread, brownies, cheesecake, cupcakes, biscuits, gateau and everything else you could want.

I highly recommend these for anyone wanting to try stuff and be good at it.



Author: runawaykiwi