How my Dad saved me from the eternal darkness


Technology these days is pretty amazing. While some bemoan the ‘never shut off’ culture we now inhabit, I find that it’s moments of brilliance far outweigh the negatives.

So we come to my Dad. Last Monday, at almost midnight, I turned on my kitchen light – and everything went dark. Every single light in my flat was dark.

I knew enough to figure out it was something to do with the fuse, so I just had to find the fuse box. Remember – at this point it is pitched black in the flat. So I grabbed my iPad, turned the screen brightness up high and ran around looking for a fuse box.

I looked in all the places I had seen them before, but couldn’t see it.

I threw on my £7 snakeskin gumboots and ran next door to the neighbors to see if they could help, they were out.

I called the building manager, but it was midnight and he was (I assume) asleep.

I momentarily thought of calling friends – but seriously who wants to wake up friends at midnight on Monday night just to complain that it is too dark.

So I did the only logical thing and Skyped my Dad in New Zealand. From the other side of the world, with a little help from technology, Dad was able to direct me (still in gumboots and holding iPad, but now with addition of plastic serving spoon) to the fuse box and restore light to the world.

In 2013 we live in a world where my Dad can fix the fuse box from the other side of the world. Legend.

Author: runawaykiwi

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