Mark Watson … What a delight

WARNING – This is another ‘why I love twitter‘ post.

The other day as I was casually perusing Twitter, I came across this tweet by comedian and author Mark Watson:

Mark Watson

Being easily lead, I went straight to Amazon and purchased Eleven.

I’m glad I did because… swoon, I think I am in existential love.

The premise of Eleven is a local version of the butterfly effect. One action (or in this case, one moment of inaction) ripples out in the emotions and actions of others. And there is a chance it will ripple back into your life.

What made it such a joy to read was the unexpected future telling. A passing whisper letting the reader know that the boy downstairs was going to change the medical world, or that the man in the corner shop was going to die in three months.

Its akin to tube dreaming – next time you are on the Underground, imagine the future of those in the carriage with you…

P.S I paid the extra £2.99 but Mark did not show up at my house… this will be reflected in my Amazon review.

Author: runawaykiwi