The Happiness Project: Happiness is…


This was not a planned part of my Happiness Project, more of an important realisation. It comes down to three little words…

I am happy

It is unbelievably easy to judge your day as whole. You may have had a stressful day at work, therefore you have had an unhappy day. A few of those in a row and it is easy to think that there is no sunshine in your life at all.

I have changed my mental thinking around a bit. If you find a moment in your day that makes you smile … RECOGNISE IT. Those little bright moments will stand out when you are looking back over your day, pretty soon life looks rosy indeed.

I have had one of the Happiest months of my life, and I mostly put it down to recognising when I am happy – even if for just a fleeting moment.

Here are some things that have been part of my Happiness this month.

Happiness is… walking past the Tower of London and getting caught in a sudden sun shower

Happiness is… lashings of butter on a welsh-cake

Happiness is… discovering Wiltons Music Hall

Happiness is… the docks on a calm night

Happiness is… free coffee

Happiness is… listening to an angry song when coming out of the subway and seeing a grey London day

Happiness is… being congratulated by fellow bloggers for my 200th blog post

Happiness is… being brave and feeling butterflies

Happiness is… Jennifer Lawrence meeting Jack Nicholson

Happiness is… uncontrollable laughter while watching The Last Leg

Happiness is… a clean bedroom

Happiness is… shopping without buying

Happiness is… Dad sending me a ‘kitten picture of the day’

Happiness is… reading Tigers in Red Weather

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  1. “If you find a moment in your day that makes you smile … RECOGNISE IT.” Love this! It’s such a simple idea I’m definitely going to use 🙂 Thank you!

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