Don’t use the new Post & Go machines

I don’t normally use this blog to rubbish things – but these new Post & Go machines are really terrible.

The concept is great. To cut down the long Post Office queues they have installed machines where you can buy stamps and weigh/post packages. Some are installed in normal post offices, and some are installed in un-manned locations where there are not any nearby Post Offices. Particularly around Chrismas time this type of thing takes all the pain out of sending things overseas, great right?

It would be if they worked. I have used these machines about six times to buy both international and first class stamps. I used one of the un-manned locations because the nearest Post Office is 20min walk away. On three of those occasions the Post & Go machine didn’t print all of my stamps.

The first time it was just one, of the six stamps I requested so I let it slide – after all, who can be bothered complaining about 60p. But the second time it didn’t print £7 worth of international & first class stamps.  This was an unmanned Post & Go, so there was no-one to complain to. So I called the Post Office number and they agreed to send me a cheque to refund me.

I didn’t want to jump to conclusions, because these machines were a far quicker and easier way for me to post things. But then the damn thing did it again. Yes it was only £3.60 worth of first class stamps – but still really irritating.

The Post & Go machine failed to print all my stamps 50% of the time. Not good. Yes the Post Office did the right thing and either gave me a refund or sent me new stamps – but the machines are meant  to make things quicker and easier – waiting for a week for a cheque which you then have to take to the bank is a anything but.

I for one will not be using these machines again until they update the software.

Author: runawaykiwi

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