Cheating on Borough Market

Duke of York food stall

Yesterday I did something bad, real bad. I cheated on Borough Market.

For months now Borough Market and I have had a loving, regular and fulfilling relationship. We laughed, we ate cheese and we got free coffee. Times were good.

But then in a moment of weakness I did the unthinkable, I went to another market.

The Duke of York Square market takes place every Saturday from 10am-4pm – essentially it is a mini-version of Borough. There are some raw ingredients, but the majority are ready to eat bundles of tasty joy.

I would highly recommend a visit if you are going to the nearby Saatchi gallery which is less than a sneeze away.

Only slight warning I can give you is that Slone Square is a very ‘nose up’ area. So you will have yummy mummies and children called Tarquin the IV proclaiming over whoopie pies while you try to nab a free sample.

Author: runawaykiwi

2 thoughts on “Cheating on Borough Market

  1. oh this is great!! I feel like im cheating on the sloaney markets when I go to Borough… glad you feel the same. Also I am absolutely loving your blog – thank you for introducing me!

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