The Happiness Project: finding my medium term


I tend to think either in the short or long term – medium term, now that is tricky. Tricky and important.

With no medium term plan I found myself obsessing about the future. Would I buy a house? Would I go back to New Zealand? Would I travel more?

I am very happy in London and plan to be here for a fair few years – so all those questions were just pointless and destructive because no conclusions could be reached.

To divert my attention from this silly path, I found myself a medium term.

I booked theatre tickets, I tracked when art exhibitions were going to be on, I found events to go to, and an unexpected holiday in May found its way in there.

All of these are little things, but they have made a huge impact on my Happiness. Yes my long term goals & questions are still there, but my medium term is so interesting and exciting that I don’t obsess over the big questions any more.

And all it took was putting a calendar on my wall.

Author: runawaykiwi

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