The Wheel of Date

The Wheel of Date

So, I did something rather out of character… I went to a dating event.

Let me explain my reasoning, I am happily (and selfishly) single and rocking it in London. BUT I have never been to a petting zoo 135m above London. And no, that is not a euphemism.

I simply could not pass up a ticket to The Wheel of Date – a night where dating website ‘Do Something’ took over the London Eye and stuffed each pod full of dating shenanigans. There was karaoke serenaded by ukuleles, ping ping championships, a Casablanca gin joint, comedy shows, silent discos and the aforementioned petting zoo. Each pod was completely different, and you would be in there for a 45 minute rotation of the Eye – a perfect way to break the ice. This was then followed by a party at the Old Vic tunnels.

Perfect plan.

Well, I’m sure it was for every pod except mine. While we waited we heard the squeals and “oh cool”‘s of daters getting into their pods, and then it was our turn. And we were list making.

Yes, list making.


All sixteen of us were given a pen and a book and then told to write our ‘Top 5 favourite meals with cheese in them’. Um…

Then we stood awkwardly in a circle while we shared with the group *queue bad school flashbacks*.

We then moved on to such shudder inducing topics as ‘what song best describes you’ and ‘what is the worst date you have ever been on*”

I don’t want to put down I Love Lists (the company that ran my pod) because that activity would be perfect in a pub in winter, in small groups, as a conversation starter. It was just completely wrong for this event.

And considering that the minimum ticket price was £45** (and drinks were not included) my pod felt like a complete and utter rip off. We didn’t even get to enjoy the view – for a glorious five minutes we ignored the lists and chatted while looking out over London. But we’re quickly back to staring at each other in an awkward list induced circle.

You know an activity is bad when even the host is saying “well, this is awkward”.

The party afterwards was fine (the Old Vic tunnels are an AMAZING venue), but considering this took place on a Thursday night it was an early one.

If you are tempted by The Wheel of Date in the future, save your money and just go to a bar on a Friday night.

*this one came pretty damn close

** don’t worry, I got a discount

Author: runawaykiwi

2 thoughts on “The Wheel of Date

  1. Hey there, thanks for your review of the Wheel of Date. We moved heaven and earth to put on an event as ambitious as this, and, given it’s the first time anyone’s every done something like this, the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. That said, if you didn’t enjoy your capsule activity – that’s a real shame. We wanted everyone to enjoy it. Please email and we’ll see is there’s anything we can do to cheer you up.

    1. I think you guys did a great job with the event – and other pods seemed to have a good time. Just an unfortunate experience for my pod, also bad for the List girls because I think in another time/place they would have got a rave review from me.

      I sent an email to you last week and got a reply from Anya on Monday.

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