Musical Bingo – a night of Kaiser Chiefs, pizza and a face vajazzle

Silver BINGO letter baloons

I have always wanted to have a go at bingo, but the fear of being tutted by purple-rinsed oldies has kept me at bay. So when Costa Bingo invited me along to try out Musical Bingo with Laura from This City Life and Mona from Chipped & Chapped, I leapt at the chance.

The night is run like a typical bingo game, except instead of numbers on your grid it’s song titles. The DJ plays a short snippet of each song (cue dancing on chairs and singing into beer bottle microphones) and if its on your card…cross it off! First prize goes to three in a row, second to two rows, then the big prize goes to a full house. I don’t want to you to get too excited but the prizes are pretty epic. The night I went there were fake moustaches, meerkat lights, a bar tab and a blow-up dolphin – see…epic.

Musical Bingo Card

But be warned, just because you scream BINGO and race up to the DJ, you are not guaranteed a prize… there be challenges which prove to be the true highlight of the evening. It is not every night that you get to see a girl get a face vajazzle, a Pope rap battle, and people eating After Eight mints (that last one was more exciting then it sounded). I’m not saying that I deliberately lost (trust me, there was nothing deliberate about my complete lack of bingo luck), but I was quietly glad that I was not the girl making love to a giant G balloon on stage in front of 200 people.

Side note: the happening occurred at Concrete, the bar underneath Pizza East in Shoredich – which meant that there was AMAZING pizzas to be enjoyed while trying to guess the song title.

Musical Bingo is one of those rare activities that works perfectly with a big group and/or people you only vaguely know. It has all the fun of karaoke but without the embarrassment of everyone staring at you, and it has the added competition factor.

So for all you Kiwis out there who have made friends with randoms since moving to London, this is the activity for you! You may start the evening head bopping in your chair, but by the time round three comes along you will be standing on your chair screaming out a power ballad with your new best buds. Winner!

People dancing on the bingo stage

Author: runawaykiwi