The London Chocolate Festival

Camera, Tools and Paintbrushes made from Chocolate

Easter is right around the corner, which means one thing … CHOCOLATE. Through some sort of twist of fate, this weekend is the London Chocolate Festival, run by the same kids at the Real Bread Festival. I wandered down to Southbank Centre Square yesterday at lunchtime to check it out.

I assumed (quite cynically) that there would be lots too look at, but not much to eat. However as soon as I rounded the corner I was greeted by a man wearing a massive rabbit head who gave me a caramel and pecan easter egg. It was incredible.

One of the not to miss stall is by Choco Passion who created the works of art above. There were tools in chocolate. Cameras in chocolate  Horseshoes in chocolate. Guitars in chocolate.  EVERYTHING IN CHOCOLATE. There is always that person at Easter who eggs and bunnies are just not right for – buy them chocolate salad tongs instead.

Another favourite was the ChocoMe stand. On their website you can custom make your dream chocolate bar, but in the Festival they are showcasing some of their best selling and pretty combinations (below).

Chocome Chocolate Bars

It was about this time that it started hailing. Three days into Spring and it is hailing on me while I am trying to savour the bitter notes in chocolate. So I rushed to the Rabot Estate stand to warm up. Rabot Estate is my long standing favourite coffee haunt in Borough Market, but for the festival they were rocking a chili hot chocolate. Suitably spiced up, I found some of the non-chocolate offerings including the massive nougat rounds below. Wow.

Wheels of Nougat

The festival is on for the rest of the weekend, get down and enjoy!

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